Stand Up Paddle Board Carry Strap Review

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Owning a stand up paddleboard can open a new world of fitness. It is an amazing way of exploring the world and having fun. Sup strap for the paddleboard is a nice tool that can help you in accessing and discovering the water ways in a perfect way. The challenge that many people face is the difficulty in getting the board to and from the launching board. This is where this strap comes in.

SUP Strap

The SUP strap is the best solution since it will provide you with an easy carrying of your stand up paddle board a breeze. Many customers like it because it has amazing adjustable clip. This is the clips that will aid you in clipping in and off the straps. The most wonderful thing about the clips is that they are designed in a unique way of fitting any size of the boards. In addition, they are adjustable to fit the surfers of all the heights and the paddle boarders too. The following are the important features that make the customers to like it:

Features of the SUP strap

  • It has a super thick shoulder pad
  • Contains a free removable mesh bag
  • It has Velcro straps
  • It is the best for board storage
  • Includes a warranty
  • Durable and light weight

This SUP strap is the best in the market. It contains a super thick shoulder pad for comfort. Not only being soft, it is also wide and padded with non slip neoprene backing ensures that the board does not move around when it is being a trapped. It provides the maximum comfort when carrying the board.

Stand Up Paddle Board Carry Strap Review

In addition, it has a free removable mesh bag. This is a nice bag that will carry the entire essential that you need. On, your trip in the water, you will feel thirsty and hungry. This is a place where you will put your bootles of water and a snack. You will also need to carry a pair of shoes here. Moreover; this bag will ensure safety to all you belongings that include the wallet, keys and many others. Since it is meshy,you will not be worried on the mud or sand.

The most amazing thing with the Sup strap is of its vecro nature. This vecro strap has a circumference of 12 inches from the centre. This provides a perfect sitting of the strap. They are used to detach or attach the paddle for hand freeing the strips to the water. It can also function as the stabilization handle. I think you required something like this.

The SUP carry straps are excellent for the boarding storage. It is a simple process where you attach the straps on the wall. In this way, the paddle and the board can be stored in a perfect way since its accessories require a paddle boarder for a good functioning.

The come with a life time warranty. This removes all the worries in damage incidences. In addition, it has a 100% money back guarantee. In cases of damage, you can return it and have a replacement. Moreover; it is made of heavy duty material that makes it to be durable. Many people like Sup strands that can last for a long time. These are the best for you.

Furthermore, they have a light weight. They do not any extra weight to the paddleboard. This is a easy way for carrying an heavy stand up paddleboard to and from the water.Moreover, it is the best since it saves energy for surfing.

Customer reviews

Many customers have used the SUP strap with their Stand up paddleboard and it has worked perfect for them. One of the customers says that he recommends it because it has all the good features as it is described. He adds by saying that it is the best as he compares it to the others.

The second customer reviewer said that it is amazing since he uses it for both long boarding and paddle boarding too. He adds that it provides an easy pulling from the water.


  • They are cheap and affordable
  • Make carrying your board an ease
  • Great for kids
  • They have an added bonus for storing the board and paddles when you are out of water.


  • When leaving the straps on the board it causes more dragging while paddling.

Final verdict

In conclusion, Sup straps are the perfect are recommended. They are the best in the market and really do make carrying you board easy, be it a sold board or an inflatable SUP.