What to Wear for Stand up Paddle Boarding

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Paddle boarding is one of the most common sports among people found near a beach. In the summer is the time when most people get out and do their paddle boarding as a way to pass their time.

When out paddle boarding what should you wear? Well there are a few things you want to consider that makes it comfortable to paddle board in:

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Can move in
  • Keep you warm, or cool

Paddle Boarding Attire and Clothing

Below I have rounded up things to wear or things that are suitable, and also what is important too.

What to Wear on your SUP

These are the things you should be wearing, or must have when out on your stand up paddle board.

Board shorts and a rash guard

When paddle boarding you will need to keep safe and also wear something that will dry fast. Board shorts and rash guard will do the trick. This will keep you safe and they dry very fast once you are out of the water. This means that you will not have to spend a very long time while wet.

A swim suit

For those living away from the tropical climatic area, when going form paddlboarding, you will need to ensure you have a swim suit. But then do not just go for any swim suit. There are many different types whereby some are good and others are a bad choice. If you are not sure which to choose you can seek out help from the nearest SUP shop. They are very likely to have a specialist on all this. A wet suit is not the right thing to wear. This is for summers and paddle boarders.

Swim trucks.

In the place of swim suits, other people can wear swim trucks instead. This serves the same purpose as the swim suit others have on.
Very warm wear during the cold season.

If you decide that you are going to go outside even in the cold season when the temperatures are about 50 degrees Fahren heit and bellow, then you need to insulate yourself. Remember you will need to keep warm and remain warm when outside there. You should be insulated from the cold air and also the cold water you will be paddling on. To do this you can use a well-insulated rash guard and maybe add on it a wind resistant hoody suitable for the water to keep the cold out. Then on your hands you can use very secure and warm gloves. These will help keep the cold away from you.


Remember you will be under the sun. This is unless you are in a creek that is well covered with trees but that is also unlikely. Therefore remember to protect yourself from the sun. Especially your skin and eyes. To keep this in check you can use a hat. This will keep the rays away from your face. A wide brimmed hat has been recommended for people in this sport.

What to Wear When Paddle Boarding

However, there are other ways you can still ensure you are well protected from the sun rays. This can also be by the use of sun glasses. They are very important in keeping your eyes safe and your retina from being destroyed by the rays being reflected by the sun. Thank God for the 10 dollar sunglasses in the SUP shop. Then if you lose them, it won’t be as bad as losing your other pair.

Personal floater device

This is a very important addition to your outfit. Remember, you are in the water and anything can happen when there. There are some cases when this is a requirement for you to enter into the water.

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In this cases, this rule is enforced by the coast guard. This is a safety measure to ensure that in the case where there is an accident, then you are well protected from the water and from drowning. There are people who thing this is not important but trust me, it is the most important part of your paddleboarding wear. The choice of the personal floater device or PFD is a personal choice. Even though, you should the best one for you. You can ask for advice from the nearest SUP shop.

Water shoes

There are people who cannot enjoy the water barefooted. They are either sensitive to the water or rocks or just prefer to be in shoes instead. Well the water shoes are the best choice for them these are shoes designed for the water and dry very fast once in the water.

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A camelback

When paddleboarding there are several things you may want to carry. This includes keys, phone, snacks, water bottle or a whistle. All these thing are important to have with you when in the water.

For starters, they can help you get in touch with people outside there. The whistle can also be used to call for help when need be. In some cases a whistle is a requirement by the coast guard before going into the water. Well a camelback will come in handy. Then with it you can carry all these things you would want to carry. A water bottle can also be strapped to the board instead of carrying it in the bag.


Remember many people opt for the summer to go for paddleboarding. Well the summer comes with its own challenges and requirements including the use of sunscreen when outside. Remember you may end up having a lot of fun and forgetting that the sun is burning you.

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When outside there, remember the heat and rays being reflected by the water are also a major thing when it comes to sunburns. So to avoid the burns, why not go out there when already wearing sunscreen for protection. Coupled with a hat or visor and sunglasses then you are good to go.

Yoga clothing

Just like they work very well for yoga, these clothes can work very well for SUP. They are right for a very hot yoga class then they can be okay for such a class. If you only have yoga clothes then do not worry you are sorted.

What not to wear SUP Boarding

While there are lots of suitable clothes and items you should be wearing, there are also a few things that are not suitable:

Cotton Clothing

When paddle boarding you may just feel you can throw anything on and way you go, however cotton clothing has it downfalls if you do fall into the water. Cotton quickly soaks up the water like a sponge and takes an age to dry out, and there is nothing worse than wearing cold wet clothes, even in the sun it will still take a while to dry out. Try and avoid wearing cotton clothing while paddle boarding.


There is no need to wear shoes, trainers or sneakers on your board, most boards have rubber grip for your feet giving good balance and grip. If you were to fall into the water your shoes would quickly become filled with water and be more of a hindrance. There are no benefits to wearing shoes when paddle boarding. Keep them for running.

There are very many wears out there that are well made for the use by people who paddleboard. There is also the right outfit and the wrong outfit. When looking for the clothes you should wear, if you are not sure, consult an expert in the field and you will be sorted.