Best Beginner Stand Up Paddle Boards 2019

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If you have just discovered the fantastic sport that is paddle boarding, then it is high time you arm yourself with the best beginner stand up paddleboard that will suit your specific needs. With countless models and designs available on the current market, searching for your first SUP board can be a daunting task. However, it is best to first decide which type of paddleboard you are searching for. For example, are you looking for an inflatable one? One best suited for yoga/fitness, for flat water use? Etc. Once you narrow this down, the decision becomes a bit easier.

Best Beginner Stand up Paddle Boards

Here, we have compiled a list of our best SUP boards that we can recommend to first timers that are looking for the best available option out there. These paddleboards are a bit wider and more stable than others on the market, meaning that learning to balance on them will be easier. Our selection comprises of boards that will offer great stability and comfort to you.

 ISLE 10’5 Versa ® Standup Paddle BoardsNaish Odysseus PaddleboardXTERRA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle BoardC4 Waterman Feathercore Da Beachboy Stand-Up Paddle boardISLE Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board Package
iSUPISLE 10'5 Versa ® Standup Paddle BoardsNaish Odysseus Paddle BoardXTERRA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle BoardC4 Waterman Feathercore Da BeachboyISLE Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board Package
Max Weight250lbs275lbs250 lbs-275 lbs
Paddle Included-
Carry Handle
Backpack Included--
Pump IncludedN/AN/A
Warranty30 Day Ride and Love it Guarantee1 Year1 Year3 Years30 Day Ride and Love it Guarantee

Our Top 5 First Timer SUP Boards

From top of the line boards to affordable soft tops, we’ve got a paddleboard for every beginner paddler. Let’s get to it:

ISLE 10’5 Versa ® Standup Paddle Boards

This model is available in a beautiful aqua blue or wood color. This SUP is approximately 4.5’’ thick and includes adjustable carbon shaft and adjustable paddle, which can accommodate paddlers of all sizes. Thanks to its highly comfortable grooved carry handle, it is easy to lug your SUP down the beach. It is very lightweight and ultra durable, yet stylish in its sleek design. The deck is non-slip with a length of 10’5. It can support users up to 245 Lbs.

ISLE 10'5 Versa ® Standup Paddle Boards

It is the ideal SUP board for beginners who are yet unfamiliar with their desired paddling position. Whether you wish to stand, sit, or lie down, ISLE Versa has everything a beginner needs to get out there and have a fantastic time on the water. This model is meant for small surfs and lakes and it is certainly among the most affordable boards on our list. Thanks to its versatile shape and quality construction, it is a perfect choice for you to learn and enjoy for years to come.

ISLE 10'5" Versa | Rigid Stand Up Paddle Board | 4.5” Thick SUP and Bundle Accessory Pack | Durable and Lightweight | 32" Stable Wide Stance | Up to 235 lbs Capacity (Blue - 2017, 10'5")
  • ALL-AROUND CLASSIC SUP DESIGN: Rigid and stable for riders of all skill levels. Perfect for activities like flatwater paddling, yoga, fishing, and more. Ideal for any skill level and provides an easy, stable ride.
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: The Versa offers new thermal-molded technology that eliminates waste in the construction process and creates an eco-friendlier epoxy board that’s both lightweight and ultra-durable. Stylish in design and color.
  • INCLUDES FULL ACCESSORY BUNDLE: Each paddle board comes with all the gear you need to get on the water. Includes carbon hybrid adjustable SUP paddle with nylon blade, 8’ coil leash, and nylon touring center fin.

Naish Odysseus Paddleboard

Another perfect paddleboard for beginners is the Naish Odysseus Paddle Board. Yes, it is shorter and wider when compared to other models out there but that just makes it amazingly fast. Naish Odysseus Paddle Board offers ton of stability due to its extra width. However, it is still incredibly easy to maneuver. It’s a stable enough board for any first time user but it can also be used for surfing once you get a hang of things. This item can be used by paddlers weighting up to 275 Lbs. The rider will have access to a large yet comfortable footing area and the soft deck pad provides a ton of grip, ensuring you stay on your feet even in rough water conditions.

Naish Odysseus Paddleboard

Made from quality materials, it’s great for individuals looking for extra durability. Granted you might have to cough up a little bit more, it is worth every penny. Naish Odysseus can tackle rough conditions without getting any major dings. If you have limited storage space, consider this short and fantastic model.

Naish Odysseus Paddleboard
  • Radical multi-concave bottom shape that channels water nose to tail; paddles amazingly fast and straight for such a short wide board
  • Ideal for riders up to 275 lbs
  • Full composite construction adds stiffness and reduces weight

XTERRA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Supporting up to 250 pounds, this model is for those beginner paddlers that do not have a lot of storage space. An inflatable SUP is always a great option for anyone living in an apartment or with limited storage space. XTERRA rolls up to the size of a sleeping bag, measuring in at 11’’ x 32’’. It is quite stable and can be used for individuals looking to undertake water yoga or for anyone who wants a more stable board. Its dimensions add to the stability, yet it is still light enough for easy transport.

XTERRA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

You can use it on flat water, river, or to surf those small waves. If your little one loves spending time in water, you are easily able to take him/ her with you for a little paddle boarding without worrying about capsizing. It’s incredibly durable and inflatable SUPs are a good option for travelers. You can easily carry it through airports and take it with you for your next great adventure.

XTERRA Inflatable 10' Stand Up Paddle Board Premium SUP Bundle | Includes Board (6" Thick) , Pump, Adjustable Paddle, Easy Carry Backpack, Ankle Leash and Repair Kit
  • INDUSTRY LEADING PADDLE BOARD DESIGN - The board's' durable design performs in all conditions. An adjustable paddle lets riders adjust the length to match their height. The board weighs 29 lbs when inflated & supports medium to large riders up to 250 lbs.
  • SUP BUNDLE - Bundle contains board, double-action pump (w/ pressure gauge), adjustable paddle, removable center fin, 10’ coiled leash, D-rings for securing gear, large backpack, repair kit, and GoPro mount. Board Specs (10” x 6” x 30”); only 29 lbs.
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT FOR ENDLESS FUN - Quick inflation and carrying backpack means you can take your Paddle Board anywhere. The air pump inflates the board in 5 minutes. When deflated the paddle board and bundle components fit easily into the backpack.

C4 Waterman Feathercore Da Beachboy Stand-Up Paddle board

Available in an eye catching electric red color, the C4 Beachboy just screams fun. If you want a model that will grab other paddler’s attention, then this is it. It has just about anything a beginner needs for a first paddleboard. This incredibly sleek board has a classic long –board look, measuring in at 10’6 x 32’’. It is a great option for larger riders or for family fun as it can hold riders weighing up to 300 Lbs. The wide profile creates a large stable area to stand so even tall individuals can use it comfortably.

C4 Waterman Feathercore Da Beachboy Stand-Up Paddle board

We also recommend C4 Beachboy for those beginners who are interested in giving SUP yoga a go as they will have access to a very comfortable soft top to lie on or sit. Any family member can enjoy paddling the C4 Beachboy.

ISLE Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board Package

We have saved the best for last. Available in a beautiful wood design, this 5 inch thick SUP comes inclusive of an aluminum adjustable paddle, center fin, and carry handle. It is also available in 9’6 and 10’8 lengths. Supporting users weighing up to 275 lbs, this SUP model uses s 100% waterproof EPS foam core and high density polyethylene for the bottom. ISLE Soft Top is very affordable and another perfect option for beginners who are working on a budget.

ISLE Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board Package

ISLE Soft Top is lightweight and incredibly stable. It’s our top pick for the best beginner stand up paddle board as it is affordable, easy to transport, offers great stability, highly durable, and has a very polished finish.

ISLE Clasic Soft Top 10'8 Stand Up Paddle Board (5" Thick) SUP Package | Includes Adjustable Paddle, Center Carry Handle, Center Fin, Non Slip Deck Grip - Wood Finish
  • SPECS: 10-feet 8-inches | Supports Riders: Up to 275+ lbs. | Great For Families | Soft Top Deck
  • ALL AROUND SUP DESIGN - Rigid and Stable for All Skill Levels | Flatwater & Small Waves
  • INCLUDES ACCESSORY BUNDLE - Adjustable Paddle, Center Handle, Fin

Thing to Consider Before Making a Purchase

Our top 5 best beginner stand up paddleboard review contains boards that we guarantee will not disappoint. However, before making any purchase, you need to consider:

Price – Hunt around for a SUP that is in a mid-price range but also durable. Customer reviews can come in handy here.

Size – Deck size is very important as it adds stability and makes a board more functional.

Maximum Weight – If you plan on riding with your kids or friends, ensure that your SUP can support heavier weights and bigger riders.

Material – Look for models made from extra strong materials. Any paddleboard made with military grade material can withstand time without breaking.


The best paddleboards are the ones that meet your specific needs. Whether you want a paddleboard to support your large frame or one that you can be able to store without stress, we got you covered. Do comment below and let us know which board you choose and why. We would love to hear from you. If you know of other great paddle board that we have missed, do let us know.