Best Paddle Boards for Fishing

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There are very few water vessels as versatile as a stand up paddle board (SUP). These boards range from small, light boards designed for a single person that are great for a child or teenager to large inflatable paddle boards with extra features that can be used for a variety of activities.

The type of activity and how many people or animals you plan on sharing the board with at any given time is a good question to ask when considering the board that is right for you. If fishing is one those activities you would like to try on a board, then there are even more things to consider.

Inflatable Fishing SUP Boards

One type of board that is really the best for fishing is the inflatable stand up paddle board (iSUP). These boards are unique in that they have all of the features of a paddle board, but the design takes other requirements needed for a fishing experience into consideration. Some additional features that enhance the experience include storage space, systems built in for securing supplies, a built in seat for those long trips, stability and steadiness in different types of water.

Being inflatable, some of these boards will fit in smaller spaces if you don’t have an abundance of storage options. Before making a decision, consider things like include the type of experience you are looking for. Will you be alone or with someone else? Will your pet be joining you at any time? Are you planning on going out for long hours at a time?

Stability and storage capacity are two huge factors in choose an iSUP, as well as capacity to hold all of your equipment in such a way that doesn’t bother you when you are trying to fish. Are you going to use this paddle board for short term trips as well as long leisurely fishing expeditions because the weight of the board might be important.

Larger boards tend to be slower than a regular SUP. There are several excellent iSUPs on the market that have a combination of necessary features to make your fishing experience enjoyable and fruitful. Of the best fishing paddle boards on the market, two iSUPs in particular stand out above the rest in the areas of storage, stability and extra features.

Imagine Surf V2 Wizard Angler

The Wizard iSUP combines versatility with function in one beautiful board. This fishing board is on the large side at 11 feet long and because of that some reviewers have mentioned that this iSUP made by Imagine Surf is very heavy, so you might need a partner to help out in transporting this board from your vehicle to the water.

If you primarily use your iSUP for fishing or long trips, then the Wizard is the perfect board for you. Some unique storage options include a cut in the body specifically designed to accommodate a cooler and clips to attach a bungee cord for attaching storage containers.

Imagine Surf V2 Wizard Angler

There are mounts and holders to keep your equipment out of the way when not in use and there is a flip-up seat so you have a place to rest while waiting for the fish to bite. The Wizard’s weight helps keep the board stable, so if you are struggling with a fighter on your line, you are unlikely to topple overboard.

This stability is due to the quality of the plastic which has most reviewers raving as “long-lasting” and “resilient”. Extra stability means you can also double up on this board with a friend, family member or your favorite pooch.

Imagine Surf V2 Wizard Angler SUP Stand Up Fishing Paddle Board
  • Four fishing mounts, two rod holders, and paddle clip included
  • Includes two storage hatches
  • Flip up seat can be secured with bungees when not in use

Badfish SUP Badfisher Inflatable

The big draw of the Badfisher is the width of 39 inches versus the Wizard’s 35 inches. According to the reviews of happy users, these extra 4 inches make a world of difference in the stability of the board. While the weight and size of the Wizard helps with making the board stable, the design of the Badfisher gives it far superior maneuverability according to most reviews. Better maneuvering in the water means more chances of chasing that stubborn catch attached to your line.

Boardworks Badfish Badfisher

The extra stability also means you can have a second person on your board and not feel any extra movement. This is especially nice if you decide to take the pooch with you, as animals tend to move around a lot. The inflatable board is much lighter than the Wizard, so you can carry it with you anywhere you go with minimal effort.

Several reviews do mention the pump being difficult to use, but you may not find this is the case or you can replace the pump with an easier one, and the fact that you can inflate and deflate with ease is very convenient if you decide to switch up your fishing spots quickly.

The Badfish iSUP is designed to make your fishing experience carefree by having storage specifically designed for fishing equipment so you don’t need to go without something vital for your trip. The design also allows for equipment to be stored away from you so it is not in your way when you are trying to fish.

All things considered, the Badfisher Inflatable is the best fishing paddle board in terms of ease of use, portability, storage and stability. The price is a little steeper than the average iSUP, but reviewers rate it as worth the price you pay for the best fishing experience. Whether you are going out for a leisurely trip with little expectation of doing anything but catching some rays and maybe a bite or two, or heading out on the open seas looking to score that record-breaking catch, the Badfisher will make sure you have the room you need to store all of your gear and the stability you need just in case the “big one” fights your line.

The extra perk that you will be able to do all this with ease because it is so portable and compact is an added bonus of the Badfisher that puts this iSUP above all the rest.