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One of the more popular water sports that has grown in popularity recently is paddle boarding. As stand-up paddle boards become more refined and continue to innovate, more people have started taking up this dynamic beach activity due to how much easier these board make paddle boarding.

SUP Board Types

When you decide to take up paddle boarding, the first thing to do is to decide which kind of paddle board you want to rent or purchase, and you must take a number of factors into consideration when you make that decision. There are four different types of paddle boards: surf paddle boards, touring paddle boards, inflatable paddle boards, racing paddle boards, and yoga paddle boards. Each of these basic types of boards serve a different purpose. So, before you decide which board to get, it's important to decide what kind of paddle boarding you want to do. Some types of paddle boarding are better suited for beginners, while others take more practice. Here are the best uses for each of these four types of paddle boards.

Surf paddle boards, also called wave boards, are best for surfing waves, as the name suggests. They are shorter, narrower, and lighter than most other paddle boards. This makes them perfectly suited for the sharp turns necessary when surfing. However, a surf paddle board will not perform well in non-surf conditions. Because of its small size and light weight, a surf paddle board is not nearly as sturdy and stable as other paddle boards. This also means that surf paddle boarding is generally a poor choice for beginners who may not be able to control the board very well at first.

All Round SUP's or touring paddle boards or all-round paddle boards. This type of board has a pointed nose to help keep a straight direction in the water, and it is wider, longer, and generally larger than a surf paddle board. Its size makes it perfect for flat water paddle boarding, as it is sturdy and stable and easy to steer.

Since most beginner paddle boarders start out on flat water in lakes or calm ocean waters, this is the perfect board for them to learn the sport.

Racing paddle boards are perfect for the most advanced paddle boarders. They are much longer and narrower than other boards, and their pointed noses and long fins make them perfect for cutting through water and keeping the board on a straight course at high speeds. However, because of their narrow frame, racing paddle boards are incredibly unstable at lower speeds. So, if you are an advanced enough paddle boarder to keep your balance and get up to high speeds, a racing board might be perfect for you. As the name suggests, these boards are also perfect for paddle board races and competitions.

Yoga paddle boards are used for possibly the most relaxing of all paddle board activities. These boards have the ability to be anchored so that groups of yogis can do paddle board yoga together without drifting away from each other. They also have softer tops to lend support to the yogi on top. They are larger than wave boards to allow lots of surface area for different yoga poses. The different hooks included also allow users to hook different yoga equipment to the board for a more intense workout. While paddle board yoga may not be good for beginners, it is a good intermediate paddle board activity that helps improve balance.

Inflatable paddle boards are much like touring or all-around paddle boards, but they are obviously inflatable rather than solid. Inflatable boards come with a lot of conveniences. They are easy to store when not in use, and they are easier to transport to and from the water both due to their light weight and their compact size when deflated. Inflatable paddle boards are also perfect for paddle boarding on rivers. Rocky river beds can damage more sturdy boards, but an inflatable board is able to give way a bit to rocks and bumps along the river route.

No matter what your skill level, there is a paddle boarding activity that is perfect for you, and for each different activity, there are different types of paddle boards. When choosing a paddle board to rent or buy, take into consideration the following factors: skill level, type of water, type of paddle boarding you wish to engage in, and material used to make the board. By considering all of those factors carefully, you are sure to find the perfect paddle board for you and your situation.