I have rounded up common questions regarding paddle boarding, be it how to paddle board, what to wear or what to buy, if you have a question not answered just leave a comment below.

What does SUP stand for?

SUP stands for “stand up paddle boarding”, or “stand up paddle board”.

What does iSUP stand for?

iSUP stands for “inflatable stand up paddle boarding”.

How do you stand up paddle board?

I have put together a handy guide on how to stand up paddle board here.

How hard is it to stand up paddle board?

It is like riding a bike, a little practice and finding your balance and stance you will quickly take to it like a duck to water.

How long will SUP take to learn?

This can vary however it is fun and can be very quick to grasp, once you have found your balance you can be paddling down stream in no time. It is certainly possible for first-time paddlers to stand up and paddle within 20 minutes.

Do I need waves in order to paddleboard?

Nope. Although they look like surfboards they can be used on flat water, river water or for surfing too, however you don;t need a current, just use your paddle to move you a long.

How do I transport the board on my car?

If have a hard board or an Inflatable SUP you can transport it on the roof rack of a car. It’s best to use a bar pad on the rack in order to protect the board. The benefit of an inflatable SUP is that you can default it, roll it up and put it in the trunk or boot of your car.

Can I use a paddleboard on rivers?

Yes, you can paddle board on most waters.

Can you surf with a paddleboard?

Yes, but learn to surf in an empty break then once ready join the lineup.

Can you paddleboard on a surfboard?

It is doable with a long board, however it would be difficult to do on a shortboard.

Why are paddle boards so expensive?

No there is a question! SUP boards are not cheap, however a good board is a good investment, if you are buying your first board then you could by a cheaper board or a budget inflatable stand up board, if you love it and continue paddle boarding then you could invest in a bette board further down the line.

Do I need to wax the top of the paddle board?

In most cases the answer is no. Most inflatable paddle boards have a rubber traction top where you stand providing good grip for your feet.

What should I wear?

Wear what you feel comfortable in, wear something you can easily move in and won’t get too hot, many people will wear swimwear or you could wear gym style kit, once you have the hang of paddling boarding you won’t fall in so it doesn’t have to be swimwear for instance.

What do you get with an Inflatable SUP?

Most iSUP boards comes with a hand pump to inflate the board, a gauge to measure the pressure. Many will also come with a backpack for the board when deflated and rolled up, as well as a paddle that splits down into smaller pieces when packing away.