Stand Up Paddle Boarder Builds Raft from Trash

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Stand up paddle boarder Lizzie Carr has a love for being on the water since her battle with cancer at the age of 26, getting away from it all on the peaceful treacle water she noticed all the rubbish and pollution of the water, so she decided to make a difference. Paddle boarding along Britons canals she collected plastic bottles as she went along.

Once collected she with some help from her boyfriend, CarrĀ turned these into a stand up paddle board raft using the collected 900 plastic bottles from UK canals. The raft was built to help bring attention to the amount of rubbish in the UK canals and why it is so important to help keep them clear and clean.

Facts about the plastic:

  • It takes 450 years for a single plastic bottle to break down
  • The average person goes through 200 plastic bottles in a year
  • The UK alone produces waste of 13 billion plastic bottles per year
  • If each of us does our part, we can make a difference.

Where ever you are in the world help keep our water cleans, clear and safe.