9 Health Benefits of SUP Yoga

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Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) yoga is a unique combination of two different types of workouts. SUP yoga combines paddleboarding with yoga, both of which are great workouts in their own right. What exactly is SUP yoga? It is simply doing yoga on a paddle board, while floating in the water.

Benefits of SUP Yoga

There are many benefits to this exercise. Below are a few examples of the many benefits SUP Yoga has to offer. It isn’t necessary to have a lot of experience with either yoga or paddleboarding in order to enjoy this workout.

9 Health Benefits of SUP Yoga

There are classes for beginners as well as those who are more advanced. Below are several reasons Stand Up Paddle Boarding yoga is a beneficial workout.

Improves Flexibility

The various poses used in yoga improve flexibility and increase mobility. Paddleboarding also calls on a lot of different muscles and help to strengthen muscles. The two exercises combined offer a wide range of motion that works different areas of the body.

Increases Circulation

An important part of yoga is focusing on breathing. This has been shown to increase circulation. Yoga also helps to reduce stress. Relaxation and stress reduction techniques help to improve circulation.

Improves Balance

Yoga poses focus on improving and maintaining balance. SUP yga works well for improving balance because it requires a lot of balance to stay on a floating board while doing yoga poses. Frequent workouts help improve balance.

Great Core Workout

Yoga poses that target the core area combines with the use of core muscles to stay afloat make for a great workout. The core muscles are very important when it comes to balance.

Refines Yoga Technique

With yoga, as well as any exercise or sport, technique improves with practice. The added paddleboard challenge assists with refining as well as improving technique.


The sense of floating on the water can have a calming affect, Yoga in itself is very relaxing and relieves stress. SUP yoga combines the peacefulness of the water with the stress reduction of regular yoga. The feeling of being close to nature by being out on the water also adds a calming effect to the workout.


This is not an easy workout to complete. It takes hard work and patience as well as some skill. It is quite an accomplishment to be able to do these exercises.


Not only is this a great exercise for improving mobility and overall health, it is also very fun. Exercise should be enjoyable. People who enjoy their exercise program are more likely to stick with it and achieve better results. Yoga paddle boarding is certainly more fun being out on the water.


These workouts supply not only a physical challenge, but mental as well. It takes concentration and determination to balance on a board floating on the water while doing yoga poses.

Things to Consider

Hydrate before the workout. It is always important to drink plenty of water when exercising. Because it is difficult to carry much on the paddle board and there won’t keep things on the board during the workout, most hydrating will need to be done before and after the workout.

It is important to wear appropriate attire. Form-fitting clothing such as swimsuits may work best. It is important not to have clothing that is too loose on while doing yoga. During some of the poses, loose clothing can slide around and interfere with the workout. Also, it is a good idea not to wear jewelry and/or accessories such as hats or sunglasses because they will just get in the way.

Be prepared to get wet. Because this workout takes place on the water and requires a lot of balance, it should be expected that there is a possibility of getting wet. No matter the level of experience, anyone can fall off of the board and into the water.

Keep in mind that, due to weather, there is often a limited window of time to get the workout done. In order to get the best benefit from this workout, the waters need to be mostly calm. Getting the workout in may be tricky if there is a lot of wind or it is rainy.

Wear sunscreen. This is important any time outside. No matter what the weather, when planning to be outside for extended periods of time, it is always important to protect skin from the sun.

Always check with a doctor before starting this or any other exercise program.