Best Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories 2019

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What happens when you want a convenient and top rated solution that lets you enjoy your time when engaging in SUP activities? Well, an excellent choice for you would be to invest in the Best Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories as the ultimate solution for your unique paddling needs.

Since the advent of the first SUP accessory to hit the consumer market., more and more exceptional solution for SUP have been released to improve SUP activities.

The important point is that you make an informed decision when investing in a given SUP accessory for your unique needs, Here are some of the top rated accessories that you may take into account:

Best SUP Gear for 2019

Below I have rounded up some of my favourite Paddle board gear so far for 2019.

SUP Padded Carrier/Storage Strap

Discover the excellence of this SUP padded carrier strap that is easy to adjust than the conventional strap and works great for paddleboarders of all heights and body types as well. It comes with a triple padded design that is made using soft and durable neoprene for the ideal comfort levels.

SUP Padded Carrier/Storage Strap

The straps allow you to carry the weight of the board on your shoulder. It also comes with a removable drawstring bag for your bottles and sunscreens and other items.

Stand Up Paddle Board, Bungee It Deck Attachment

Improve your sup regime with this Bungee it Deck Attachment that allows you to carry an extra water bottle or PFD on your next SUP excursions. The bungee Deck Attachment is a tie down kit for simple and fast attaching of your favorite items to the board. Besides that, it also comes with 4 NSI bomber rubber plates along with Spectra loops that stick on the board for added comfort.

The manufacturers have also made the Deck attachment durable enough to provide the ultimate scratch and impact resistance.

Earth River SUP Dry Bag – Secure Waterproof Bag

Enhance your capabilities when out on the water with the Earth River SUP Dry bag that is a custom designed dry bag that only appears better than the conventional alternative on the market, but it also provides addition ingenuity and quality for SUPing needs.

Further lending to its superior design features, is that this bad comes with an appealing design that makes it stand out from the rest of the items in your SUP regime. The Dry Bag is available in well over four sizes and is constructed using a resilient material for the ultimate longevity. The top section can fold down three time and clips can be used to shut the unit to create a semi-air tight seal for optimal buoyancy.

SUP Cooler Bag and Mesh Top

Take your SUP capabilities to the next level with SUP cooler that lets you keep your favorite beverages cool when taking on the water. It comes with a special mesh pocket that is used to keep your valuable safe. The superior design of this cooler lets you enjoy chilled drinks and beverages especially on hot days on the when SUPing on the water.

The Dry Bag will not only keep your valuables safe but dry with its amazing waterproof capabilities and superior fabric structure as well. This waterproof bag is also designed to provide the ultimate longevity for your unique SUPing needs.

SUP Leash & Waterproof Dry Bag Combo

Release your true SUP potential with this SUP leash and waterproof dry bag combo that comes is regarded as a cutting edge leash that comes with advanced stainless steel swivels for the ultimate convenience when on the water. Furthermore, it also features a unique paddle board leash that comes with advanced double stainless steel ankle strap and can stretch to well over 10 inches for endless fun when on the water. Users who invest in this particular accessory will gain access to three items including leash and waterproof bag as well.

Dakine SUP Coiled Calf Leash

Keep your board close and achieve the ultimate levels of functionality when on the water with this Dakine SUP Coiled calf leash that has a reputation for top quality products and attention to detail as well. The Dakine brand name is well known for its products in surfing and the superior standards of quality that they tend to uphold. This coiled leash has been designed to provide optimal comfort and convenience when exploring the water. Equipped with a leash, you can have sufficient peace of mind that you will never lose track of your board and you can, therefore, have more fun on the water.

SUP Deck Bag with Waterproof Insert

Release your true potential with the SUP deck bag waterproof insert that is ideal for use with smooth hoverboards and can also be used as a bungee system for additional fun when taking on water. Outdoor enthusiasts will also appreciate the inclusion of the waterproof insert that is meant to keep your essentials safe such as keys and phones as well. The pouch also comes a simple to carry handle that makes it ideal for carrying the pouch when it’s not connected to the board.

SUP Deck Bag with Waterproof Insert

Further lending to its superior quality is that the waterproof insert provides optimal levels of scratch and impact resistance to make it an excellent addition to your outdoors regime.

Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Decal Sticker

Make your SUP activities convenience with this SUP board decal sticker that is durable and weatherproof for the ultimate longevity for taking on the outdoors. On top of that, it also comes with a thick vinyl with special UV laminate that can be used to protect your decal from the effects of rain, scratching and most importantly sunlight.

The decal is also available in a handy size to make it an excellent addition to your board as well. With this particular sticker, you will not only increase the aesthetic appeal of your board, but you also stand out from rest of the SUP enthusiasts out there on the water.

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