iRocker Paddle Board 10′ Inflatable Review

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The iRocker Paddle Board 10′ Inflatable SUP is a very popular choice, I have seen it used by many people when I’m out on the water and had to check it out. Looking on Amazon many people have praised the fact that the iRocker Paddle Board is so durable and so resistant, from the outside it looks like a really good all rounder.

iRocker SUP Review

This iSUP is simple to inflate and comes with everything you need, pump, gauge, and carry bag too. It is extremely straight forward for anyone to put the iRocker Paddle Board together in the first place and is a good first board for anyone considering taking up paddle boarding.

Features of the Board

This inflatable paddle board once rolled out is very strong and robust made from triple layer military grade drop stitch material, it makes this board withstand impacts from dings, rocks, concrete and wood pilings for instance.  The iRocker Paddle Board seems to be versatile and fully equipped in a lot of other ways as well, making it a particularly good choice for all of the SUP enthusiasts out there.

One of the defining characteristics of the iRocker Paddle Board is the included carry bag backpack, it has handy adjustable shoulder straps allowing your to get the bag strapped to you well, the bag is well made, coming in bright blue with a zip pocket on the back ideal for a map or instructions.


The iRocker Paddle Board is definitely one of the most durable devices of its kind on the market. This is a product that was made from military-grade materials and that people are going to be able to use for years and years, even if it is common for them to travel over very challenging terrains. This is a paddle that is still going to be in good shape if people run it into rocks, so they can certainly be sure that no other problems are going to arise if they use it.

Beginners and skilled SUP enthusiasts should both be able to benefit from using the iRocker Paddle Board, which was made with the needs of many different parties. It’s a rigid and solid board, and people of many different skill levels should still be able to use the iRocker Paddle Board successfully enough.

With this package you also get a Aluminum Paddle, this adjusts from 63 to 85 inches allowing you to select the length most comfortable for you and your height. Adjusting the length of the iRocker paddle should be easy for most people as well, as it is made from aluminium the paddle also floats in the water, so if dropped it will not sink.

The board is very light, easy to use, and easy to carry, and yet people are not going to have to worry about it losing its stability and rigidity. The board has enough traction that people should have an easy time staying on the board during the riding process. The iRocker Paddle Board manages to balance out a lot of different competing characteristics all at once.

Included SUP Accessories

The iRocker Paddle Board includes a wide range of different accessories, such as:

  • One iRocker Paddle Board
  • A fully-featured repair kit
  • Adjustable aluminum paddle
  • Dual action high-pressure hand pump
  • Back pack carry bag

My Likes & Dislikes

As with everything in life there are good and bad points, however I must say it is mainly good with the iRocker and certainly worth considering if you are looking for an iSUP.

  • No one is going to need special storage devices or storage areas for this lightweight board. It’s easy to travel with it using normal luggage.
  • It’s constructed from military grade materials and is just as durable as a military grade device.
  • The board is wonderfully rigid and solid.
  • The board comes with a two-year warranty that covers everything other than wear and tear.
  • The iRocker Paddle Board comes with a wide range of different features, including a repair kit, carry bag, aluminum paddle, and hand pump for the board.
  • The length of the paddle is easy to adjust, so people should be able to find a length that is going to work for them in the range of 63 to 85 inches.
  • The paddle is very buoyant.
  • The paddle board only weighs twenty-eight pounds.
  • Inflating the paddle board should be easy for everyone involved.
  • Thanks to the non slip EVA diamond groove deck traction pad, people should be able to stay in place easily during the actual ride.
  • The board has more of a surfboard shape than a SUP board shape, which does have an effect on how the board moves.
  • The board is less stable than many of the others on the market.
  • The paddle board is more expensive than some people are going to want, and many people might not be able to include it in their budgets.


Overall, the iRocker Paddle Board is a solid device in more ways than one. It isn’t going to work for everyone, but that is fairly standard in an industry where people really do have to find the individual products that work for them and them might have to shop around for them in the process.

iROCKER Paddle Boards Inflatable 11-Feet Long X 6-Inch Thick SUP Package (Blue) …
  • EXCLUSIVE SPORT DESIGN 11' Long x 30" Wide x 6" Thick Weight Limit up to 385lbs Board Weight 22 lbs
  • FAST SHAPE Rigid Construction Performance Shaped designed to Minimize Drag while Gliding Through the Water (Also check out iRocker All Around Board for a wider board with more stability)
  • COMPLETE PACKAGE Includes Board Adjustable Paddle Carry Backpack Dual Action Hand Pump

The iRocker Paddle Board makes this part of the process easy, especially since people will be able to get most of the complete package and all of the necessary accessories when they purchase the iRocker Paddle Board. The iRocker Paddle Board provides people with a genuinely solid experience during the ride, and it should be able to do so for years to come, which is good enough for many SUP enthusiasts.

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Summary: The iRocker Paddle Board is a solid device in more ways than one. It isn't going to work for everyone, but that is fairly standard in an industry where people really do have to find the individual products that work for them and them might have to shop around for them in the process.